Birds and Boats Don’t Mix!

Birds have been a problem for recreational boaters since recreational boating began.

Very simply, a sailboat or powerboat makes a great place for birds to rest and ‘hang out’. Unfortunately, the birds leave behind an unseemly mix of feathers, excrement, food remnants, and bird vomit.

Bird droppings protected by bird deterrent system

But whose boat is it anyway?

You didn’t go to the trouble to purchase and maintain your boat so birds would have a place to hang out!

That sinking feeling of finding your boat covered with foul bird droppings

You have arrived at the boat with friends and family in tow, looking forward to a day on the water. But you find the boat covered in bird mess! Cleaning it off is hard work! Particularly when it is dried on hard by the sun over a period of days. Sometimes the stains are close to impossible to remove.

Instead of getting the boat ready to sail, you may have to spend hours cleaning. By that time, you are too exhausted to take the boat out on the water!

The BDSx00 bird deterrent system can solve the problem!

The bird mess is enough to make you want to sell your boat. But with our bird deterrent system, in a few minutes, you can re-claim your boat and your leisure time on the water.

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