Configuration Guide (Power)

BDS200 Configuration Guide (Power) and Selection

Please use this page to select the BDS200 configuration number for your boat. BDS200 is primarily designed for power boats.

If you want to protect a Sail boat, check Here.

As shown in the following diagram, 3 measurements are required:

XX) The overall length from stern to bow to be protected
YY) The length of the protected area from stern to the point at which the hull begins to taper to the bow.
ZZ) The width, which has to take into account the beam of the boat, and the vertical height of your console. The width can be approximated as:
2 + (2 * ( (beam/2)^2 + (height)^2 )^1/2)
In the above,
^2 means squared
^1/2 means square root
height is the vertical distance from the top of your hull to the top of your console

Please determine the 3 measurements for your boat. The model number will be BDS200-XXYYZZ

The available models of BDS200 have the following values:
XX – 14,18,22,26,30
YY – 8,10,12,16,20
ZZ – 8,10,12,14,16,18

Please select values that are closest to your needs. The BDS200 mounting mechanism is flexible, so an exact fit is not necessary. Contact us at if you need help picking a model.

Bird Protection for Power Boats

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Ordering BDS200

Please make note of the BDS200 model selected above, then order it at our Online Store.

When you order, please include the boat manufacturer and model number in the Order Notes so that we can verify you are ordering the correct item. Thanks.

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