Configuration Guide (Sail)

BDS100 Configuration Guide (Sail) and Selector

Please use this page to select the BDS100 configuration number for your boat. BDS100 is primarily designed for sailboats.

If you want to protect a Power boat, check Here.

Refer to the diagram at the end of the page to see the layout of the BDS100.

First Try the ‘BDS100 Configuration Selector By Boat’ section. If your boat manufacturer and model are in the drop down menu, select them and the recommended configuration will be listed. Then go to our Online Store to order your BDS100

Second If your boat manufacturer and model are Not in the ‘BDS100 Configuration Selector By Boat’ drop down, you will need to enter measurements for your boat in the ‘BDS100 Configuration Calculator’ section.

Ordering BDS100

Please make note of the BDS100 model selected above, then order it at our Online Store.

When you order, please include the boat manufacturer and model number in the Order Notes so that we can verify you are ordering the correct item. Thanks.

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