What Makes the BDSx00 Bird Deterrent Different?

There are many bird deterrent products for boats.

Over the years, solutions to protect your boat from birds have emerged.

Bird deterrent devices for boats

Boaters have tried them all – fake owls, fake snakes, electronic noise makers, strategically placed wires, and more.

But many don’t work at all. Some work but only for a limited region of your boat. Some work for some species of bird but not others. Some are complicated to install and require permanent modifications to your boat.

The idea behind BDSx00 is simple and easy to understand!

BDSx00 works because, quite simply, our patented mesh shield technology physically prevents birds from reaching your boat surfaces – deck, rails, bimini top, boom, console, etc. If the birds can’t get to your boat, they can’t roost on it!

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping some other solution will ‘scare away’ a bird from your boat, use the BDSx00 and just block the birds altogether!

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