How Does the BDSx00 Bird Deterrent Work?

Birds cannot get to your boat!

Quite simply – BDSx00 creates a defensive mesh shield over your boat that birds cannot penetrate.

BDS100 Bird Deterrent System protecting a sailboat

When a bird attempts to land on your boat, its wings and legs will come in contact with the defensive shield and the bird will be repelled and fly away.

At the same time, the lightweight, flexible shield material and mounting system will not provide any solid surface for a bird to land on.

BDSx00 is Lightweight and Porous

The bird deterrent’s mesh shield technology is very lightweight and porous. This means it will not generate significant windage. Which is important while your boat is sitting on a mooring or at a dock.

High mesh shield porosity means that water will not collect in the deterrent’s shield, which would create a significant weight problem during rain storms.

Easy to Install, Remove, and Stow

BDSx00 comes with a water resistant nylon storage bag.

When you are leaving your boat on a mooring or dock, and you feel it will be attacked by birds, simply remove the BDSx00 deterrent shield system from the storage bag and install it on the boat. The integrated flexible mounting system allows you to install the BDSx00 in a matter of minutes. Nothing new needs to be permanently mounted on your boat. BDSx00 can be attached to the existing structures on your boat easily.

When it is time to go sailing, simply remove the BDSx00 deterrent system by reversing the installation process. Again it should only take a few minutes. Store it in the convenient nylon storage bag and stow it below deck.

It’s that simple!

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